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UK HTC, Samsung and LG start a war on Twitter

LG Twitter Meme

After the Mobile Awards in the UK event concluded HTC’s UK decided to poke its rival Samsung on Twitter after winning Hottest phone of 2013 with the HTC One. Aftertweeting about its victory the HTC UK Twitter account added an “Ouch @SamsungMobileUK”, which spurred the events to follow.

Samsung UK fired back noting that it had won three different awards at the same ceremony, before HTC replied accusing Samsung of paying students to write fake reviews for its competitors’ products.  LG UK decided to get in to the action (or rather ‘chaep’) with an image of Michael Winner — a British personality whose catchphrase in a series of insurance ads was something of a pre-internet meme in the UK — telling HTC and Samsung to “calm down dears, it’s only a mobile phone.”


Source: Twitter


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