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Xbox One controller gets programmable trigger buttons, design refinements


The newly announced Xbox One is getting a refined controller. It looks a lot like the Xbox 360’s controller, with “40 technical and design innovations,” according to Microsoft.
Microsoft says developers will be able to program specific types of feedback into the trigger buttons of the new controller. The thought being that the trigger buttons will provide different types of feedback depending on if you’re playing a racing game or a first-person shooter.
Gone are the “start” and “back” buttons from the Xbox 360 controller, now replaced with what look to be an app switching button and possibly a menu button. The new controller supports Wi-Fi Direct radio stack and has a newly designed “precision” directional pad and an integrated battery compartment.
The controller will also link with Xbox One’s new Kinect sensor for Xbox One, which may mean Kinect will need to stay plugged in at all times if you actually want to play games.

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