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Microsoft Event: The Next Gen Xbox (Live Blogging)

Xbox Next Gen Unveiling



Mattrick calls gaming a thriving $65 billion a year industry. That said, things are moving slowing for video game consoles these days. Many in the industry are hoping the next Xbox (and new consoles from Sony and Nintendo) will spark new growth.


AND there it is!Its called the Xbox One!

Update 3

The video shows a sleek, black box. Nothing particularly showy. Something that will fit into a home entertainment system with little distraction.

Update 4

Update 5

“Built to amaze on day one,” and get better in the generation ahead,Mattrick says.

Update 6

“What if a single device could provide all your entertainment?” Mehdi asks. “What if it was always ready and connected?” He says “XBOX On” and it turns on.

Update 7

First look at the dashboard.Looks the same as the current one.

Update 8

Home screen identifies you and logs you in with all your favorite apps and games. It remembers what you were doing last time you played too, and these show up on the homescreen.

Update 9

New tab called “trending” shows you what’s popular with friends and entire XBOX community.There are also games, tv & movies, music and “apps”.

Update 10

New: Instant swtiching. Mehdi says “go to game” “goto music” and “watch TV” and it just switches between what it’s doing. Mehdi doing the demo once again. Fires up internet Explorer too.

Update 11

Microsoft announces Skype integration for Xbox One, leverages Kinect enhancements.

Update 12

New:Xbox One Guide

Update 13

Three investments in the new system, Whitten says. That includes console, input like kinect and controller, and cloud-powered Xbox Live.

Raw power with 8GB of RAM in Xbox One. Blu-ray drive, and native 64-bit architecture, all while silent, Whitten says.

Multiple power states too

Some of the rumors are confirmed. The box will have Blu-ray, as well as HDMI in and out.

Update 14

In the centre: three operating systems in one.

1) Xbox operating system, 2) Windows Kernel 3) connects these two operating systems for multitasking. “Only Microsoft and Xbox” could do this, he says.

Update 15

New Kinect sensor comes with every Xbox One.

Update 16

Update 17

It can now detect rotation of a wrist or shoulder, along with transfer of balance from one foot to another. It can even read your heartbeat.Creepy!

Update 18

Update 19

Includes Smart Glass features, which has been downloaded 10M times on the Xbox 360.

New Kinect sensor links up everything, from the controller to tablets or smartphones running Smart Glass.


Update 20

New Xbox Live is “built on Xbox One”Xbox Live originally powered on 500 servers, jumped to 3,000 for the 360. Now it will use more than 300,000 servers for the XBOX One.

Update 21

All those extra servers puts music, games, saves in the cloud. That includes recording games, and built in editing controls to make game clips.

Update 22

Microsoft is also rejiggering matchmaking and achievements as part of Live.#

Update 23

Update 24

EA on stage. The company tipped that it was going to talk about its new FIFA game yesterday.

Update 25

EA’s got four games: FIFA, Madden, UFC, and NBA Live.All four launching in next 12 months.

Update 26

New:backed by a new EA technology called EA Sports Ignite.

Update 27

Will bring “living worlds” to games. To explain that are a bunch of athletes including NFL’s Robert Griffen III.

Update 28

EA talks up how realistic its games can be with the new console.

Update 29

exclusive content for Fifa 14: Ultimate Team on XBOX One.More details expected later this year.

Update 30

And now the first graphics demo with some peeks at basketball, boxing, soccer, UFC.

Update 31

Demo: Forza 5 running on Xbox One. This is Microsoft’s big racing game franchise.

Update 32

Cars whipping through town, tons of tire smoke. Game makers love to gush about polygon count in car games. We’re seeing actual rubber flecking off tires. Flames firing out of the exhaust, along with live commentary.

Update 33

Forza will be available at launch

Update 34

Next demo up from Remedy’s “Quantum Break”

Update 35

Very little actual gameplay footage there.Don’t know what Quantum Break is about.

Update 36

Next up, head of XBOX Entertainment Studios, Nancy Tellem.

Update 37

Xbox Studios will release 15 exclusive One titles in the first year, eight new franchises.

Update 38

Microsoft announces Halo live-action TV series created by 343 and Steven Spielberg

Update 39

Coming to Xbox One: NFL.

Update 40

New features for NFL: exclusive content that works with Smart Glass and Kinect.

Update 41

Update 42

Now thanking everyone,no price,no release date announced.

Update 43

Update 44

Everything being wrapped up.Launching “later this year” and “around the world”.

Update 45

The console wars will begin this holiday season. Sony’s PS4 is expected to launch then as well.

Update 46

a peek at Call of Duty: Ghosts

Update 47

COD to get exclusive downloadable content on Xbox One.

Update 48

Update 49

Update 50

And it looks like we’re all done.Microsoft stayed pretty close to on schedule. The show ran three minutes longer than the hour allotted.Thanks for joining us everyone. Stay tuned to TnD for additional articles!


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