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Google Now adds reminder cards, real-time public transit info and music recommendations

Google IO 2013 Google Now New Features

Google Now too got its share of I/O announcements. Several updates, called cards, are already available in the Google Play Store. Firstly, you’ll be able to set for nagging pop-ups (“buy milk” is the obvious example). Now will also show you cards for upcoming books, albums and TV shows based on what Google thinks you’ll like — which could either be quite helpful or borderline insulting depending on how well it knows you. Finally, real-time public transportation updates will be available in select cities, and Japan will even get a “last train home” alert. Nab these features by visiting the source link below. No word on when the new functionality will hit the iOS Google Search app.

The new features were shown in action via an onstage demo. Voice queries like, “Okay, Google, show me things to do in Santa Cruz” will bring up relevant results, and subsequent questions like, “How far is the boardwalk from here?” take into account that you’re in Santa Cruz — and then give you up-to-date traffic info and route recommendations. When it comes to reminders, you can tell Google to nudge you about “calling Katie next Wednesday,” for instance, and a card will pop up on your device at the specified time.

Grab the new update at the source link below!

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Source: Google Search (Google Play)


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