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Andy Rubin : Android was aimed at powering ‘Smart Cameras’, glad he reconsidered

Andy Rubin


If you thought you knew everything about Android’s history then we are sorry to disappoint you. According the the Android Founder, initially Android OS was created with the concept of “Smart Cameras” which would store photos online and connect to PCs.

“The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” said Android co-founder Andy Rubin, who spoke at an economic summit in Tokyo.

When it became clear that the digital photography market was relatively small, the fledgling team shifted its attention to cellphones within the space of five months.

“We decided digital cameras wasn’t actually a big enough market,” said Rubin. “I was worried about Microsoft and I was worried about Symbian, I wasn’t worried about iPhone yet.”

Rubin was a speaker at the Japan New Economy Summit held Tuesday in Tokyo. The summit was backed by a Japanese business group that aims to kick-start the country’s economy.

Source: PCWorld


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