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HTC One launched in India for ₹42,990

HTC One Press Shot


HTC has launched their latest Android flagship device, the HTC One, in India for ₹42,990, which is approximately $789, unlocked. The phone is expected to go on sale towards the end of this month. HTC has tied up with Reliance Communications to offer 1GB of free 3G data for three months to those who purchase the One.

The pricing of the HTC One in India is still fairly high but reasonable compared to some of their previous devices. The HTC Butterfly, for example, was priced at ₹45,990 ($845) at launch and continues to be priced about the same since then.It’s interesting to see the new flagship being priced lower than the existing one!

Also flagship phones from competitors such as the BlackBerry Z10 (priced ₹43,490) and iPhone 5 (priced ₹45,500) are priced higher than HTC’s new flagship device.



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