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Get Early Access to Facebook Home with leaked pre-release APKs

HTC First Hands onCraving to try out that newly announced Facebook Home interface before its officially launch? Then look no further and head to the source below to download the APKs leaked from the pre-release HTC First ROM. The Beta (which is actually made up of three separate APKs covering the Facebook app itself, a new Messenger app and the Home/launcher app) has been made available for public scrutiny courtesy of the folks at MoCaDo.

The only requirement seems to be that the device has a maximum resolution of 1280×768, and that a user is able to completely uninstall their existing Facebook app. The Nexus 4 is therefore a viable candidate.

Functionality is somewhat limited, however. Chat heads doesn’t work as of yet, for instance. But Cover feed appears to function as intended, and all the settings appear to be there. The settings reveal that in choosing where your Home content comes from, you can both enable and disable updates from Pages and status updates from users in your network. You can also enable or disable the notification/status bar at the top of the screen for a more edge-to-edge Facebook experience.

The leak shows that there doesn’t really appear to be any huge technical barrier to putting Facebook Home on a wide variety of handsets, which is good news for users who don’t own one of the five devices initially set to receive it.

In case you do not want to take risk and install the leaked APKs on your device check out the screenshots of the app after the break!

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Source: MoCaDo


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