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Amazon adds Windows Phone 8 support to Kindle app

Kindle for Windows Phone 8Amazon’s been doing a pretty decent job at blanketing those Android and iOS Kindle applications with the latest and greatest, but the same couldn’t exactly be said about its Windows Phone counterpart. Today there’s great news for users of Redmond’s mobile OS, however, as the Fire maker has announced an update that brings some much-needed support for Windows Phone 8 to the app, which should pair well with the company’s Whispersync tech and the extensive e-book repertoire it has to offer. There might be one caveat, though: early adopters of the refreshed Kindle app have said it’s facing some crashing issues and, in some cases, even having trouble launching — a few folks, meanwhile, have mentioned that it’s best to do a clean install rather than update the previous version in order to avoid any woes. The link to grab the application is down below, and do use the comments section to let us know how the process turned out for you.


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