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HTC launches Mini: a remote control for the HTC Butterfly

HTC MiniThe Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has launched a remote control device for its Butterfly smartphone. HTC Mini, an NFC-enabled remote control, is now offered in China alongside its flagship device.

HTC Mini connects to the device through Bluetooth and helps you make calls without actually having to take your smartphones out of your pocket.

HTC Mini uses NFC to pair with the smartphone and serves as a remote terminal after that. The Mini can also show messages, calendar entries and call logs on its monochrome display.

HTC Mini can also be used to navigate through menus when the smartphone is plugged into your HDTV.

Mini can also be used to trigger the shutter in the camera app. The remote control sports a useful “find my phone” feature, which helps you locate your misplaced smartphone.

Unfortunately, there are no officially confirmations on the pricing and the availability of the gadget for other regions. Let’s hope that the Mini will get its global release.

Source: Slashgear


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