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Microsoft working on a fix for Halo 4 SmartGlass issues

Halo 4

Microsoft’s SmartGlass and Microsoft’s Halo 4 apparently aren’t quite getting along on Windows Phone 8 devices. Using SmartGlass, Halo 4 players can normally access their stats and other info about their android supersoldier using the long-established Waypoint service — except for Windows Phone 8 users, apparently. A forum thread dating back to Halo 4‘s November launch highlights the issue — as forum user “Scion Eon” puts it: “Whenever I try to log into SmartGlass on my phone while playing Halo 4, I am immediately greeted with a message that says ‘Your device is missing certain required features.'” As it turns out, Mr. Eon isn’t the only one experiencing said connectivity issues — specific to Windows Phone 8 devices — and Microsoft’s aware of the situation.

“We are aware that there is an issue with the Xbox SmartGlass experience for ‘Halo Waypoint’ on Windows Phone 8 devices, which may prevent users from accessingHalo 4 player stats,” a Microsoft rep told us this afternoon. Thankfully, Redmond’s also taking care of a solution. “We are actively working on a fix and expect to have a solution within the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience as this gets resolved and apologize for any inconvenience this causes,” the statement reads.





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