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Samsung teases ‘whole new Smart Hub’ on Flickr feed, CES launch confirmed

Samsung new Smart Hub UISamsung’s HDTV-based Smart Hub is set to land a major refresh at CES, according to a trio of images and a product description that appeared on Flickr this evening. Like previous iterations, the software interface will provide access to real-time TV broadcasts, on-demand flicks, apps and photos, according to the site’s image captions. The new version will feature a new background design, along with a “simplified” UI. While the on-screen interface appears to be new, the screen shot is presented atop last year’s Series 8 model, including an identical stand and a built-in camera up top — there’s no hint at what hardware advances we may see in Vegas early next year. Samsung’s CES press conference is on the books for the afternoon of Monday, January 7th, so we have less than two weeks to go before this new UI — and a whole lot of HDTVs — becomes official.

Source: Samsung (Flickr)


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