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Samsung sues Apple over Notification center. Finally.

Apple vs Samsung

We all know Apple as the big bully on the playground, acquiring a reputation for being rather overly-aggressive when it comes to the patent-warfare. It was a just a couple of months ago that Apple won against Samsung and won 1 billion $ for “patent infringements”. Well now apparently the tables have turned. Samsung is suing Apple in Korea over iOS 5’s Notification Center. I, for one, believe that its long time coming. IMHO The Notification Center in iOS is rip-off of the Android notification bar, which has always been integrated in Android.

It’s not apparent which specific feature Samsung is actually suing for, but it’s more probable that its something that Samsung has added to the notification bar than the original code, which was created and is owned by Google. Also, since the court case will be in Korea a.k.a Samsung’s home field, it suffices to say that they will have some advantage. But nonetheless, Apple has some kick-ass lawyers so it’ll be interesting to see how the battles ensues.

Source : Phone Arena


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