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HTC One S global models finally receive on Jelly Bean 4.1.1

HTC One S JellyBean UpdateHTC One S owners are seeing the light at the end of the Jelly Bean tunnel, as Android 4.1.1 is now being pushed out to the global models. The company originally promised it way back in July, with rumblings about an October arrival as well, but up until now there’s been no joy. HTC One X global owners started to see that Jelly Bean release last month, and we can confirm that it’s now come to our very own HTC One S handset too, as the image above proves. XDA Developers also caught wind of a direct HTC link, which will finally bring the extra fluidity of Google’s butter to the mid-range handset. There’s no word yet about US carrier-flavored versions, but it wouldn’t hurt to check your own handset, or XDA’s CID list at the MC link below.

Source: PocketNow, XDA Developers


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