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Facebook for Android finally gets a new life : A lot faster, doesnt glitch as much


Facebook Update 2.0

The recent update of the Facebook native application to version 2.0 for Android devices vastly improves the app’s speed and performance, which until now was rather lagging behind its Apple counterpart. On using the application now one can notice a major difference, particularly : SPEED.

Of course the iOS version is still a lot better with more features to offer, but the updates to the Android app are welcome.

Previously the app was basically the mobile browser version of Facebook wrapped in an application. Now however things have really improved. Menus on the left side open almost instantly. Animations are added to the notification bar on top for accessing friend request, inbox messages and notifications. There are pop-out menus for comments and an animated like button.

However, Facebook has yet to release a version of its application for Android tablets. It’s still the stretched out version, which does NOT look pretty on a 10 inch screen. But, I guess slow and steady the improvements are coming.

Changelog from Play Store :

  • News feed and your Timeline load faster
  • Photos open with a tap so you can quickly like and comment
  • New Stories bar lets you see more stories without refreshing

Source : TheAppPlanet ; Play Store


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