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Google Maps returns to iPhone, gives Apple users turn-by-turn navigation

Google MapsOnce upon a time, Google Maps was an indispensable part of the iPhone experience, faithfully guiding users wherever they needed to go. Then, Apple decided to ditch Google’s cartography in favor of it’s own mapping system in iOS 6, sending the crowd in Mountain View scrambling to build a standalone solution. Well, tonight, all you iPhone folks can once again get Google telling you where to go (assuming you weren’t already using web-based Gmaps), as the much anticipated app has landed in the App Store. The best news? As was foretold, it’s brought turn-by-turn navigation along for the ride — we trust you won’t need Google (or us) to tell you where to find the download. There’s no iPad-optimized version yet (although it is iPhone 5 ready), hit the source link to download for iPhone now, check out the list of features and intro video after the break.

Source: App Store, Google Blog


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