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Razer announces crowdsourced specs for upcoming ‘Project Fiona’ gaming tablet

Project FionaAfter Razer easily scored the requisite 10,000 Facebook likes needed to proceed with its “Project Fiona” 10.1-inch Windows 8 gaming tablet, it asked potential players to decide for themselves how to spec it. And here’s a shocker: the consensus was to go hardcore or go home. Voters said it should be similar to the prototype with at least Intel Core i5 or i7 processing zip, mid-tier discrete graphics for max pixel-pushing and weight be damned — twice the heft and thickness of an iPad was a-ok with the group, for power’s sake. Detachable controllers were also considered a must (as we thought earlier), and for all that, wannabe gamers on-the-go were willing to pay somewhere between $1,300 and $1,500. A firm ship date has yet to be announced for the device, though a variant has already made it past the FCC — which usually bodes well for a timely arrival.

Source: Razer (Facebook)


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