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SwiftKey Flow Beta available now, we tap our screens less (hands-on)

SwiftKey Flow Beta

As promised, the latest update for one of our favorite Android keyboard has arrived. This time, there’s a new input method that feels a little familiar, with text entry done by dragging your finger across the on-screen keys. SwiftKey’s still trying to keep your spacebar interaction to a minimum, with its new ‘flow through space’ feature. This lets you glide down to the bar and back to writing without interrupting your missive. The new system still works in tandem with SwiftKey’s predictive voodoo, meaning as your finger loops around the screen (followed by a multicolored streamer), the keyboard app should be able to figure out what you meant to type, although the prediction only works for so long — we’d advise clipping your swipes to a handful of words at a time, as major mistakes can upset lengthy sentences.

We’ve been playing with it over the last week and the keyboard still learns your lexicon by poring over your internet profile, still connecting to Gmail, Twitter, RSS feeds and your SMS history. The more typical touch keyboard is still available and in comparison, we’ve found it’s taking us a little longer to get up to speed on the new method. However, it’s notably zippier if you’re one of those rare one-handed typists. If you’re willing to give the beta a try, you can sign up for Swiftkey’s VIP program — which already totals over 75,000 important people — to grab the early APK.

Source: SwiftKey VIP, SwiftKey Flow


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