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Court approves addition of iPhone 5, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to Samsung v. Apple lawsuit

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III Side by SideThose looking for the light at the end of the legal tunnel may want to take a seat: Apple and Samsung’s ongoing patent war just got a bit more crowded. Both sides are fighting to add hardware to their respective patent claims. The U.S. District Court in San Jose is approving these additions too, adding the iPhone 5 to Samsung’s claims and approving the Apple’s updated complaint to include the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III. More devices could be added, too — Judge Paul Grewal specifically warned Apple to “think twice” before opposing future amendments on Samsung’s part, which might include the iPad mini and 4th generation slate. For better or for worse, never-ending litigation and sticky sales injunctions seem to becoming an unfortunate mainstay of the modern product cycle. We’ll let you know when the ongoing battle poses a threat to your upgrade plans.

Source Reuters


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