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HTC Deluxe press render reportedly leaks, suggests imminent worldwide release of Droid DNA

HTC Deluxe LeakWhen the HTC Droid DNA leaked out into the wild, we’d learned that the DLX codename was really shorthand for “Deluxe,” a title that was also attached to non-Verizon models like the J Butterfly. If @evleaks is correct, that’s because HTC fully intends to have a reference version of the Deluxe on the market: the frequent rumor source has posted what looks to be a press image of the international model. There isn’t much of a surprise if you’ve seen the Droid DNA, as it preserves all the red trim while replacing the Verizon logo with HTC’s own. Most other details are left out — there’s no release date or hardware differences to pick out — but the image may be a clue that those of us who live outside of Japan and the US could get own 1080p phone before too long.

Source Unleash the Phones , @evleaks (Twitter)


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