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Xiaomi Phone 2 officially launching in China on October 30th, 16GB and 32GB flavors offered

Xiaomi M2

With all these Snapdragon S4 Pro phones popping up here and there, Xiaomi’s finally announcing its launch plan for the retail version of its very own Xiaomi Phone 2 aka MI-Two, which is also powered by Qualcomm’s APQ8064 SoC. Here’s what’s going to happen: on October 30th, the company’s online store will release the first 50,000 units, followed by another 250,000 units (approximately) in mid-November. Additionally, the device will be offered in both 16GB and 32GB flavors, which are priced at ¥1,999 (about $320) and ¥2,299 (about $370), respectively. Folks who reside in China can now register online for a quota, but it’ll probably be just a matter of time before we see these on eBay in the US, anyway.

SOURCE: Xiaomi (Sina Weibo; login required)


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